A few facts about our village

Laroque-de-Fa is a French commune, located in the County (département) of Aude and the Region of Languedoc-Roussillon. Its name in Occitan is Larròca de Fan.
Laroque-de-fa is a charming small village located in the middle of the Hautes-Corbieres. It is named in the archives at the beginning of the 11th century as belonging to Pagus Petrapertusensis, a feudal property of the Termes family which covered the current wards of Tuchan and Mouthoumet.

Its inhabitants are called les Laroquois and les Laroquoises.

The village
The village of Laroque-de-Fa is located in the middle of the High Corbieres. It is the second biggest village in the ward (canton) of Mouthoumet by its number of inhabitants (154 souls), and fourth in term of size (20,41km2). Its lowest part is at 360m altitude and its highest 849m.
The village itself has 2 parts:
The old Laroque-de-Fa:
located in the heights of the village (500m) and built in the shape of an amphitheatre around the Castelnaut rock, with the river Le Sou being its natural defence.
The low Laroque-de-Fa:
built more recently alongside the D613 at an altitude of 460m.

Surrounding hamlets
Built around the Castelnaut rock, the village is fairly concentrated. However, there are some external hamlets which are historically attached to the village:
Les Carcassès
South-west of the village, an old independant feudal place and Cathare castle.
Sold to Louis the IXth by Olivier de Termes in 1260 and attached to the village in the XIXth century.
West of the village in the Carcasses. An educational and ecological farm owned by the County Council and run by the Ward Council.
Cabrol's Mill
North-East of the village on the way to Félines-Termenes, owned by a farmer.
St John's Mill (Degrave)
At Roque Noire (Roca Negra), north-east of the village on the way to Félines-Termenes, partially restored and occupied. Old Cathare and Templar Mill of the XIII th century.
La Baraque de Chambord
North-east of the village on the way to Termes. The old mill is still inhabited.


Activities in Laroque-de-Fa

Hunting & Fishing
Laroque-de-Fa and its surroundings are renown for a variety of game especially hare, deer and an abundance of boar.
Hunting season starts in mid-August and ends in January. Hunters from all over the South of France come to the village at week-ends to enjoy the season.

Hiking and Rambling
The hiking track GR36 goes through Laroque-de-Fa. It connects the Pic de Nore located in the Montagne Noire which is at the border of 2 counties, Tarn and Aude, to the Mont Canigou situated in the Pyrénées Orientales.
The path going through Laroque-de-fa is the GR36b and covers the whole of the High Corbieres.

Our small village is limited in sporting structures but the ones we do have are very enjoyable on sunny days:
The tennis court: located on the D613 towards Lezignan-Corbieres opposite the picnic area. Bookings are made at the POMs.
Handball Pitch: located at the back of the Mairie and the old local primary school.
Boule Pitch: located opposite the Foyer and next to the phone box and bus stop on the main road.

Facilities in Laroque de Fa


The “Superette” (Grocery store and more) is open all year. Opening times do vary. In Summer, it is open 7 days a week. Martine & Patrick sell bread, meat, cold cuts, fresh fruit & vegetables, frozen products, drinks as well as newspapers and magazines.

Mobile Traders:

As in thousands of small villages in France, we enjoy the visit of several traders:

The POMs: a small Post Office and Tourism Office relay point for the village. You will find maps, information, books and local produce.

Spoli Pâtés: a local manufacturer of tinned pâté, cassoulet and other local delicacies.

The Garage: where almost any vehicle can be serviced.

Gites & B&B: a choice of short term accommodation available in the village and surrounding hamlets.

For further or more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact :

9 place de la Mairie
11330 Laroque de Fa
Tel : 00 33 (0)4 68 70 05 88
Fax : 00 33 (0)4 68 70 04 97
email :mairie@laroquedefa.fr

Opening times are:
Mondays & Tuesdays from 8h30 until 12h and 13h until 16h Wednesdays,Thursdays and Fridays from 8h30 until12h.